Don Henley Confirms New Solo Album Cass County -
Don Henley photo by Ros OGorman, noise11

Don Henley photo by Ros O'Gorman

Don Henley Confirms New Solo Album Cass County

by Roger Wink, VVN Music on April 14, 2015

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In a new video on the Chideo Charity Network, Don Henley has talked about his upcoming album, Cass County.

“I do have a solo album, as they say, in the can.” he said in the video, going on to say that he has completed seventeen songs over the last four or five years and will be recording a couple more before cutting the tracks down to an album length. He also said that the album will have a country or Americana flavor.

Most of the album was recorded in Nashville with a few tracks done at Henley’s home in Dallas and a few in southern California. The set is co-produced and co-written with Stan Lynch.

Also look for a few duets and one trio from some “interesting guest stars.” He declined to give too much away on who they were only adding there are some “VERY interesting people on the album in unexpected combinations that you might not think about hearing…ever.”

Look for the album in the fall after the Eagles tour is finished. Henley’s last solo album was 2000’s Inside Job.

The full video can be seen on the Chideo website.


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