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Engelbert Calling

Engelbert Calling

Engelbert Humperdinck Two Year Duet Project To Be Released This Week

by Paul Cashmere on April 15, 2014

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Music legend Engelbert Humperdinck will release ‘Engelbert Calling’, his double album of duets in Australia this week after working on the project for over two years.

‘Engelbert Calling’ started with Engelbert’s son and manager Scott Dorsey contacted many of Engelbert’s friends and suggested they sing a song with the music legend.

“It’s taken two years but its finally finished, its ready to go,” an excited Engelbert Humperdinck tells Noise11.com.

The album was released two weeks ago in the UK and was an instant hit for the 77-year old star. “When it was released in England it went to no. 3 on the HMV chart and Top 30 in the national charts. Now we are waiting for it to happen in Australia,” he said.

Some of the guests are old friends of Engelbert’s but with thanks to technology, a few were done remotely and he is yet to meet them yet. “Some of them I haven’t even met of yet but people like Elton and Cliff and Olivia and Willie and Lulu, Gene Simmons, Wynona Judd, Johnny Mathis I’ve met. Neil Sedaka, Dionne Warwick, yes. I haven’t met Ron Sexsmith or Luis Fonsi but I have met my two children Louise and Brad”.

The album features Engelbert’s son and daughter performing with their famous dad for the first time. Louise Dorsey sings ‘Better’ with her father on the album while Engelbert’s son Bradley performs the Cat Stevens classic ‘Father and Son’. Engelbert and Cat Stevens also go back a long way, before Cat Stevens was famous. Cat once dropped into Engelbert’s dressing room before a show for some liquid encouragement. “We were all on the same bill, Cat Stevens, Jimi Hendrix, The Walkers, myself,” Engelbert says. “Cat came into my dressing room one time and I was having a little taste of something, a little bit of alcohol, and he said ‘can I have one of those’. I said, ‘you are going on stage Cat. Its going to be dangerous’. He used to sing a song where he swung a pistol around. He had this drink and when he went on stage he dropped the pistol on the floor. He couldn’t handle it. I am so proud to have his song on the CD”.

‘Engelbert Calling’ will be released through Universal Music in Australia this Friday, April 17.

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