Gary Glitter Charged With Sex Crimes
Gary Glitter

Gary Glitter

Gary Glitter Charged With Sex Crimes

by Roger Wink, VVN Music on June 6, 2014

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Gary Glitter, who had eleven top ten hits in the U.K. during the 70’s including the stadium anthem Rock and Roll (Part 1), has been charged with eight sex offences.

The charges relate to alleged crimes against 12 and 14 year old girls between 1977 and 1980.

Glitter has been living as a sex offender in his native Britain since 1997 when child pornography was found on a computer he took to a store for repair. He moved to Cambodia until 2002 when he came under suspicion of child pornography and was deported to Viet Nam. It was there that he was arrested in late-2005 and sentenced to three years on charges of molesting two underaged girls, ages 10 and 11. He was released in 2008 and, after trying to find a country where he would be allowed to live, returned to his native Britain.

In October 2012, a documentary on BBC DJ and host Jimmy Seville involving his sexual proclivities led to further investigation into a number of other celebrities including Rolf Harris and Glitter. Gary was arrested last October and released on bail twice leading up to today’s charges.

Glitter, 70, was spared five charges based on five other allegations made by two other women for which prosecutors didn’t think they had enough evidence.

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