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Kate DeAraugo Shut Your Mouth

Kate DeAraugo Moves On From Australian Idol With Autobiographical Song

by Paul Cashmere on April 27, 2015

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A decade after winning the third season of Australian Idol Kate DeAraugo has put her past into song and moved on from what she calls “a period of life that was black”.

Australian Idol pigeon-holed the (at the time) teen singer with the fluffy ‘Maybe Tonight’ and prefab album ‘A Place I’ve Been’. Both the single and the album gave Kate number one records and sent her off in a direction alien to her personal goal.

After Idol, Kate became part of another manufactured musical moment, Young Divas with Jessica Mauboy, Ricki-Lee, Paulini and Emily Williams. Young Divas recorded two albums of synthetic pop before disbanding.

DeAraugo created ‘Shut Your Mouth’ to tell the story of picking up the pieces of her life after Idol gave her sudden fame which disappeared as quickly as it came. She admits there were elements of anger recording the song in the studio but that the goal was to create a song about empowerment.

Kate co-wrote ‘Shut Your Mouth’ with DNA (Anthony Egizii and David Musume). It was mixed by Paul Lani in Los Angeles.

Listen to Kate DeAraugo – Shut Your Mouth


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