Loverboy’s Paul Dean Produces Solo Album For Goddo’s Greg Godovitz -
Greg Godovitz

Greg Godovitz

Loverboy’s Paul Dean Produces Solo Album For Goddo’s Greg Godovitz

by Paul Cashmere on January 16, 2013

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Paul Dean of Loverboy has been revealed as the man behind the desk producing the new solo album for Goddo’s Greg Godovitz.

Greg Godovitz

Greg Godovitz

The two Canadian’s have known each other for years and are finally working together for Greg’s album ‘aMuseMe’. Goddo is the legendary Canadian power-pop trio that spans the past four decades.

As well as producing, Dean plays guitar on ‘A Jealous Fool’ and ‘Letting You Go (Gets Easier Each Day). “Paul is a musical genius and I don’t bandy that word around lightly,” says Godovitz about Dean’s participation in aMuseMe. “I had to drag him out of the house, but when you get bloody Paul Dean in a recording studio, you better use him.”

Godowitz’s career started in Toronto when he was a teenager. He is 61 now. He once sat in with The Band and later became band director for Ronnie Hawkins. “My mom and her sister were there when Dylan first jammed with Levon Helm and the Hawks,” claims Greg, who started out in Canada’s version of a British Invasion group, The Pretty Ones, back in 1964.

Dean did post-production on the album while he was on tour with Loverboy and Journey. “We recorded a dozen songs, and I did all the final mixing and the solos while on the road this past summer and fall,” says Dean. “Most of it was done on the Loverboy bus while we toured North America with Journey.” He will be on tour with Journey until the end of February.

Loverboy also recently released their own album ‘Rock and Roll Revival’, produced by Bob Rock and recorded at Bryan Adams Warehouse Studios in Vancouver.



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