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Skyhooks Hits and Riffs

Skyhooks To Release New Compilation ‘Hits’N’Riffs’

by Paul Cashmere on November 8, 2015

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With the Skyhooks catalogue currently undergoing a facelift, Warner Music will release a new compilation of tracks from the new series of remasters.

The first series of reissues is the new ‘Don’t You Believe What You’ve Seen Or You’ve Heard’ collection featuring expanded editions of the first two albums ‘Living In The 70s’ and ‘Ego Is Not A Dirty Word’ plus previously unheard live tracks.

Warner Music will release ‘Hits’N’Riffs’, a new compilation, in time for Christmas sourced from the 2015 remasters. The album will include the rare ‘1976 Guitar’ from The Lost Album, originally released as a bonus disc on 1999’s ‘The Collection’.

‘HITS’N’RIFFS’ is out November 13 on Festival through Warner Music Australia.

Greg Macainsh tells the Skyhooks story this week on iHeartRadio.

Hits’N’Riffs’ Tracklisting

1. Living In The 70’s [2015 Remaster]
2. Balwyn Calling [2015 Remaster]
3. Horror Movie [2015 Remaster]
4. You Just Like Me Cos I’m Good In Bed [2015 Remaster]
5. Ego Is Not A Dirty Word [2015 Remaster]
6. Saturday Night [2015 Remaster]
7. Every Chase A Steeple [2015 Remaster]
8. All My Friends Are Getting Married [2015 Remaster]
9. Blue Jeans [2015 Remaster]
10. Let It Rock [2015 Remaster]
11. Million Dollar Riff [2015 Remaster]
12. This Is My City [2015 Remaster]
13. Somewhere in Sydney [2015 Remaster]
14. Party to End All Parties [2015 Remaster]
15. Why Dontcha All Get Fucked [2015 Remaster]
16. Women In Uniform [2015 Remaster]
17. Jukebox in Siberia [2015 Remaster]
18. 1976 Guitar [2015 Remaster]


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