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Drum Kit

Nude Drummer With Erection Required

by Paul Cashmere on July 22, 2012

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Are you a drummer who doesn’t mind performing nude and can maintain an erection for one minute while playing? Then do we have a job for you.

Drum Kit image photo

Drum Kit

Craigslist has an ad today for just such an animal and it pays $150.

The only catch, you have to be in Hollywood.

Check out the ad and apply at your own risk:

“Hi, we’re looking for a male drummer with a rocker kind of look. You would need to be comfortable playing the drums totally naked on camera. And, you would need to be able to maintain an erection while playing the drums for about a minute. Like the title says, this is a comedy video and not a porn video, however pornographic elements are obviously involved (the boner). The shoot won’t take more than two hours, but it’ll probably take one hour. It is a paid job. The age range we’re looking for is 20’s to 40’s. Our videos have been featured on Funny or Die and Youtube, which we’re mentioning so that you know that this is a legit thing and not some guy who just wants to film you naked in his basement or whatever. If you’re interested, please send us a photo of yourself (not naked and not of your penis please) and your experience as a drummer. Thanks!”



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