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Sydney’s Hot Spoke Debut Calm Down VIDEO

by on May 19, 2017

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Sydney’s Hot Spoke have created a music video for their new song ‘Calm Down’.

Hot Spoke recently signed to Universal Music after being around for six years. They have opened for The Preactures.

Vanessa Quinn is Hot Spoke’s lead singer. “There’s such a stupid view that women are just hysterical and not in control of their emotions, which I just resent with every fibre of my being,” she says. “In my experience I find that if a woman is outspoken or passionate or emotional about anything, people generally think that they are being hysterical or vulgar, so it means that a lot of the time women suppress what they are feeling or thinking or dumb themselves down just to keep the peace.”

Hot Spoke also features Damian Enemark on bass and Seb Bartels in guitar.

The Calm Down EP will be released on June 9, 2017.


1. Calm Down
2. Burning Me Out
3. Trigger Hand
4. Outlines
5. Drive Baby
6. Before My Eyes
7. Climb That Mountain