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Bobby Bright

by Paul Cashmere on October 21, 2013

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In the 60s Bobby & Laurie were one of Australia’s most popular duos.

Bobby Bright and Laurie Allen made their first TV appearance together on The Go! Show and then started recording for Go Records, an offshoot from the show. Bobby & Laurie scored four Top 40 hits in their hometown Melbourne then switched to Alberts were they topped the Australian chart for five weeks with the classic ‘Hitch Hiker’ in May and June 1966.

Bobby & Laurie toured with The Dave Clark Five, The Seekers and P.J. Proby but after three years in 1967 the pair split.

Laurie Allen passed away in June, 2002 and Bobby Bright carries on the legacy.

Bobby Bright has just released ‘Child Of Rock and Roll’. He dropped by Noise11 to tell his story to Paul Cashmere.



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