Scissor Sisters Hint At Going On Hiatus -
Scissor Sisters - Photo by Ros O'Gorman

Scissor Sisters - Photo by Ros O'Gorman

Scissor Sisters Hint At Going On Hiatus

by on October 26, 2012

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Scissor Sisters hinted they are taking a break at a gig in London last night.

Scissor Sisters - Photo by Ros O'Gorman

Scissor Sisters - Photo by Ros O'Gorman

The group ‘ which consists of Ana Matronic, Babydaddy, Del Marquis, Jake Shears and Randy Real ‘ left fans at their Camden Roundhouse concert wondering whether they are now on an indefinite hiatus.

Vocalist Ana warned the crowd of the impending break, before thanking UK fans for their support.

“This will be the last time we will play in London for quite some time,” she announced, according to NME.

“[The British fans are] the ones who got us first ‘ and always get us best.”

Scissor Sisters have been busy touring on the back of their latest album release, Magic Hour.

While it seems they will be stepping out of the spotlight for a while, Ana did reassure fans the band wouldn’t disappear for good.

“Don’t you worry – this isn’t the last you’ve heard of us,’ she told Gigwise.

Frontman Jake backed up Ana’s claim by tweeting: ‘Thank you London for all your love. And don’t worry, we’re not going away forever. We’ll be back before you know it. With bells on. Love you (sic).”

The news comes not long after Jake revealed Magic Hour is the band’s best album to date.

The Filthy/Gorgeous singer expressed to NME how proud he was of their latest offering.

“I’m very critical of our own stuff, but song for song, this is our best album. On our prior records there are two songs on each of them that I think are pretty crappy. I truly love all of the songs on this record. I’m super-proud of it,’ he revealed.

Guitarist Del apparently has solo work in the pipeline, while Ana is busy finishing off a comic book project.

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