The Simpsons Writer Al Jean On The Unused Prince Episode -
The Simpsons unused Prince episode

The Simpsons Writer Al Jean On The Unused Prince Episode

by Paul Cashmere on April 25, 2016

in News

Al Jean, one of the writers for The Simpsons, has revealed the script from the shows episode that was to feature Prince but Prince rejected.

In the never seen show Prince hands Lisa a cassette.

Prince: Lisa, before I go I want you to have this song. I wrote it for your birthday.

Lisa: (UNENTHUSIASTIC) Another birthday song? For once couldn’t I just get a dollar or a bicycle for Christ’s sake”.

Prince then hands Bart a piece of paper:

Prince: “Bart, this is Vanity’s phone number. In a few years you’ll understand”.

Jean thinks Prince may have objected to his scene with Selma.

Selma: I’ve seen all your movies. I loved ‘Under The Cherry Moon’.

Prince: (AMAZED) You’ve seen Under The Cherry Moon?

Selma: (BRAGGING) It was better than ‘Graffiti Bridge’ but not as good as ‘Sign O The Times’.

Prince: Even I didn’t see that one.

The episode was planned to air in Season 5 of The Simpsons 1993-1994.


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