Watch The Video For Lost Pantera Song ‘Piss’ -


Watch The Video For Lost Pantera Song ‘Piss’

by Andrew Tijs on April 13, 2012

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A fan-punching video clip has been made for Pantera’s Vulgar Display Of Power-era track ‘Piss’.



This year is the twentieth anniversary of Pantera’s game-changing metal classic Vulgar Display Of Power.

A forthcoming deluxe re-release of the album will feature an extra track – ‘Piss’ – that was recorded during the sessions but not included.

You can hear it early, via a video the remaining members of the band put together for the song, featuring metalheads moshing and getting punched in the face. Nice.

‘Piss’ will be available on iTunes from April 12, and the 20th Anniversary edition of Vulgar Display Of Power will hit stores May 15.

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