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Ed Sheeran - image by Ros O'Gorman noise11.com

Ed Sheeran - image by Ros O'Gorman

Ed Sheeran Spills The Beans About Elton’s Bobblehead Obsession

by Music-News.com on March 18, 2013

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Ed Sheeran reveals that his friend Elton John ‘has a room full’ of bobblehead figures.

Ed Sheeran - image by Ros O'Gorman noise11.com

Ed Sheeran - image by Ros O'Gorman

The 22-year-old Grammy-nominated British singer and music icon Elton have been spending a fair amount of time together of late.

Ed has caught wind of one of Elton’s favourite pastimes, collecting bobbleheads.

‘There are loads of nodding figures, that’s his thing. He has a room full of them,’ Ed told British newspaper The Sun.

‘He takes nodding dog figures with him for his dressing room.’

Elton’s need to be surrounded by comforting artifacts while on the road inspired Ed.

The young crooner, who now serves as the opening act on Taylor Swift’s Red concert tour, is now actively requesting special items of his own.

‘But if you had that status and you wanted it, you would. I’ve got to a status where I can ask for stuff and I requested Robinson’s Fruit & Barley,’ he shared.

‘I ask for it in America and it’s difficult to get.’

Ed – whose hit The A Team missed out on the Song of the Year accolade – gave a triumphant performance of the track alongside Elton at the 55th Annual Grammy Awards last month.

The pair’s much-anticipated duet was met with rapturous applause, and Ed took to Twitter after his big night to gush about his time amongst music’s finest artists.

“Met some pretty cool people tonight, bit mad to be sat at the front!” he wrote, before later adding: “So much fun playing my song with Sir Elton too, will not forget that!! (sic).”

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