Malcolm Turnbull Gets A Name-Check In Saturday Night Live Opener -
Saturday Night Live Donald T Marump Turnbull

Saturday Night Live Donald Trump Malcolm Turnbull sketch

Malcolm Turnbull Gets A Name-Check In Saturday Night Live Opener

by Paul Cashmere on February 5, 2017

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Saturday Night Live star Beck Bennett played Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull in a hilarious show opener featuring Alec Baldwin as “little white bitch” Trump.

SNL’s piss-take featured Baldwin as the multi-bankrupt American demagogue calling world leaders at the end of a hard day.

When Turnbull questions Trump about the Muslim band Trump reacts “everyone loves it. We had to do it because of that huge massacre at Bowling Green. So many people died but they are the lucky ones. They don’t have to see how bad The Apprentice has gotten”.

Trump then tells Australia “prepare to go to war”.

Later in the call the President of Zimbabwe tells Trump “I will rip out your spine and drink from your skull… you little white bitch”.

Alex Baldwin will return to Saturday Night Live on Valentines Day, 14 February. The entire show will feature Baldwin’s Trump.

Also in the show Melissa McCarthy played inept Trump press secretary Sean Spicer.
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