Mark Holden Apologizes For Clown Act On Dancing With The Stars
Mark Holden on Dancing With The Stars

Mark Holden on Dancing With The Stars

Mark Holden Apologizes For Clown Act On Dancing With The Stars

by Paul Cashmere on October 15, 2014

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Mark Holden has apologized for his clown performance on Dancing With The Stars, not that it matters.

His name trending on Twitter, Facebook and Google today has made for the most publicly discussed episodes of the hit reality show ever.

Holden’s performance was meant at a light-hearted attempt at humour from a guy who openly admits he cannot dance.

The performance with Holden dressed as rather frightening looking clown was in context with the song he was dancing too, ‘House of Fun’ by Madness. However, callers into talkback radio too offence to the imagery.

Suprisingly, the judges weren’t too concerned. He survived the show and will be back next week.

Holden has issued the following statement about his performance:

“I wish to apologise to Network 7 and all of the team at DWTS for my clown performance and any offense taken by the comments made on last night’s show.

“The performance was created with only the best intentions in mind.

“When I got into the clown costume, the character completely possessed me and the performance went off the rails. The clown is now back in its box.

“My apologies especially to Princess Jess, my wonderful dancing partner. You are a fabulous, smart and resilient young woman and I cannot express my appreciation for your patience in dealing with me over the past few weeks. You deserve better.

“I’m so sorry and baffled that April Rose and Jess left the show before me. It doesn’t feel right and I really respect the time and dedication you guys put into the show – you guys are great dancers!

“Finally, I want to thank all my fans and supporters, I really am trying my hardest to dance and promise to shut up and give it my all-next week!”

Thanks, Mark.

The fact remains, every news outlet is reporting today about the most talked about event in Australian entertainment last night and that has to be good for rating.

Holden may have two left feet but his is ratings gold for Dancing With The Stars. The show attracted 946,000 viewers last night and was the fifth most watched show on Australian TV last night.

Top 15 shows

1 NINE NEWS Network 9 983,000
2 SEVEN NEWS Network 7 970,000
3 SEVEN NEWS / TODAY TONIGHT Network 7 967,000
4 NINE NEWS 6:30 Network 9 951,000
5 DANCING WITH THE STARS Network 7 946,000
6 HOME AND AWAY Network 7 928,000
7 A CURRENT AFFAIR Network 9 821,000
8 ABC NEWS-EV Network ABC1 750,000
9 7.30-EV Network ABC1 743,000
10 ABC NEWS UPDATE-EV Network ABC1 735,000
12 NCIS Network TEN 691,000
13 FLYING MINERS-EV Network ABC1 640,000
14 BIG BROTHER -TUE Network 9 628,000
15 THE PROJECT 7PM Network TEN 620,000



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