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Martika Explains How Prince Crafted Love Thy Will Be Done

by Paul Cashmere on June 26, 2012

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Martika’s big hit ‘Love Thy Will Be Done’ started out as a prayer and then was given a make-over by Prince to become the song you know today.

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“It is a hymn. It is very spiritual and beautiful,” Martika tells

This is her story of how the song was created. “I wanted to work with him and had a message sent through to his camp. He responded favourably so I flew to Paisley Park and we sat and talked”.

For the trip she took along her lyric book. “I had a notebook with a lot of lyrics,” she said. “‘Love Thy Will Be Done’ was a prayer that I had written in my notebook. I showed him some of my stuff and he said ‘would you mind if I borrow your book for a few hours’. I said ‘cool, no problems’. He asked if he could photocopy a few things that he liked and I had no problem with that. I had no idea what the process for collaborating on music with him would be because it is always different with everybody. For him, he said ‘I have photocopied a few things. Why don’t you just let me live with this for a bit and we’ll go from there’. So I flew home to L.A”.

About a week later, Prince made contact again. “A fax came through with a song with a bunch of my lyrics with some of his lyrics. The next day I received a cassette. (Now we are really dating ourselves). There were several songs, basic tracks with just drums, bass and some changes with background vocals. That’s how I first heard it. My prayer was turned into ‘Love Thy Will Be Done’ and from there he sent me the master”.

The remainder of the song was done in Los Angeles. “I went into the studio in L.A. with the people that I was working with and started working on my vocal. After that he sent me the rest of the copies. I never went back to Paisley Park to work with him. I just finished the music with different people that I knew. That’s how it came together. It was a strange process. The real kick was him singing ‘Martika’s Kitchen’”.

Prince performed the song on his recent Australian tour.

Martika will tour Australia and New Zealand in September and October.



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