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Miguel Honoured To Be Compared To Prince

by Music-News.com on May 14, 2016

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Grammy Award-winning artist Miguel covers the brand new issue of FAULT magazine and discusses being compared to Prince, his musical inspirations, future collaborations and more.

On Prince comparisons: “We’re learning from and building upon things that have already occurred, that have already been dreamed up. Being compared to Prince, it’s a tremendous compliment”.

On what inspired Wildheart: “It was more me revisiting my life and my memories. I was remembering growing up and my dad doing everything he could to pick us up on the weekends to take us to Venice Beach, and being downtown and seeing all the broken dreams”.

On making music for his fans: “I had a conversation with J.Cole, that’s my boy, like “what would you attribute all this shit to?” And he said “man, this is serving my fans.” It’s our responsibility to the people who found our music to continue to build that relationship”.

On future collaborations: “I think it’s just artists that I love and respect. The ones that have a conviction that outweighs anything. I’d love to write with Taylor Swift”.

Discussing political correctness and being misinterpreted: “It’s weird we’re sensitive about the wrong things but desensitized to things that matter. Someone is shot and killed and it only matters for five days and there’ll be weeks and weeks of conversation about why an artist said something about….I mean it doesn’t fucking matter”.



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