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Ol 55 Time To Rock N Roll

Ol’ 55 Dusted Off With 56 Track Anthology

by Paul Cashmere on July 28, 2016

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Ol’ 55 will be represented to the world via the 56 track ‘Time To Rock N Roll The Anthology’ album.

The new Ol’ 55 will be released through Warner Music in August.

The album has been timed to coincide with the 40th anniversary of the ‘Take It Greasy’ album featuring their first hits ‘On The Prowl’ and ‘Looking For An Echo’. The complete original ‘Take It Greasy’ is included on the Anthology.

Ol’55’s ‘Time To Rock’n’Roll: The Anthology’ will be released August 26.

Ol 55 Track Listing


1. Diana
2. Intro: Summertime Summertime
3. The Iridescent Pink Sock Blues
4. I Wonder Why?
5. Almost Grown
6. Think It Over
7. Get A Job
8. Doin’ Fine
9. Only Sixteen
10. This Little Girl
11. On The Prowl
12. New Girl In School
13. Skateboard Thrills
14. Looking For An Echo
15. Goodnight Sweetheart
16. Outro: School Days
17. (I Want A) Rockin’ Christmas
18. Little Saint Nick
19. C’mon Lets Do It
20. Teenager In Love
21. My Right Of Way – Frankie J Holden
22. Chartered Accountant Blues – Frankie J Holden
23. Shout, Shout (Live)
24. Be My Little School Girl (Live)
25. High School Confidential (Live)
26. The Wilde Man (Live)
27. Roll Over Beethoven (Live)
28. Pretty Little Angel Eyes (Live)


1. Do You Wanna Dance? (Live)
2. Love Of My Life (Live)
3. Caught In The Curl (Live)
4. Stay (While The Night Is Young)
5. (Feels Like A) Summer’s Night
6. He’s Gotta Go
7. Homework’s Done
8. Ruby Baby
9. Living For Your Smile
10. Comic Book World
11. Time To Rock’n’Roll
12. The Way To Fall In Love (Book II)
13. Peek-A-Boo!
14. The Fool
15. Two Faces Have I
16. Keep Your Hands (Off My Baby)
17. Anywhere The Girls Are
18. Boom Boom Baby
19. Let’s Have A Party
20. I Live For The Sun
21. Rag Doll
22. Breakaway
23. I’m Only Singing Rock’N’Roll (For You)
24. He’s Our Golden Boy
25. Swingin’ School
26. Be True To Your School
27. Surf’s Down
28. Looking For The Heart Of Saturday Night



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