The Last Greatest Show On Earth

The Last Greatest Show On Earth

Performers Come Out For The Last Greatest Show On Earth

by Andrew Tijs on March 16, 2012

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An enormous list of musicians, comedians, and performers sign on for an apocalypse-themed charity show at the Regal Ballroom.

The Last Greatest Show On Earth

The Last Greatest Show On Earth

‘The Last Greatest Show On Earth’ looks set to be a mammoth evening of music, mayhem and debauchery, all to provide support for the Royal Melbourne Hospital.

The seemingly never-ending list of performers includes:

Laura Jean, Geoff O’Connor, Jessica Says, Harmony, Clem Bastow, Quincy McLean (Blue Ruin), Dan Luscombe (The Drones), Richie 1250, Marcus Rechsteiner (UV Race), Matt Kulesza (Rat vs Possum), Shags Chamberlain (Lost Animal, Brous), Miles Brown (The Night Terrors), Sunny Leunig, Simone Page Jones (The Love Birds), Andrew McClelland (Somewhat Accurate History of Pirates), Stella Angelico, Tommy Spender, Masato Takasa (Ana Nicole), Midnite Bosom, The Shellettes, Shak Shachter & LLoyd Pratt (Parking Lot Experiments), The Tivoli Lovelies and Super Wild Fortune Telling Horses with Phonographic stylings by Hannah Fox and Raoul Duke.

There’s music, comedy, cabaret, and an actual on-stage marriage, all planned to help buy musical instruments, a jukebox and a music therapist for the John Cade psychiatric unit at the Royal Melbourne Hospital.

Plus, feast your eyes on that poster from Australia’s Worst (Best) Artists Ben Butcher.

‘The Last Greatest Show On Earth’ will be held at the lush Regal Ballroom in High Street Northcote on Sunday 25 March.

Presale tickets can be purchased for $25 at Polyester, Basement Discs, Thornbury Records, or online at Webtickets. If there are any tickets left on the door, they’ll be going for $35, so get in early.

Check out the Facebook event page for more info.



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