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Reece Mastin and Adam Surace

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Reece Mastin is Surprising the Red Hot Summer Crowds

by Paul Cashmere on February 9, 2019

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Third season The X Factor winner Reece Mastin is making a big impression from his performances on the Red Hot Summer tour of 2019.

Reece has been opening series one of Red Hot Summer 2019 for the Jimmy Barnes, Joan Jett & The Blackhearts and The Living End shows.

The now 24-year old singer songwriter has proven he is nothing like the kid created by The X Factor, the show that fucked his career. Reece was 16 when he won series three of The X Factor. The show manufactured a pop star that in no way related to his talents and treated him in a manner that bordered on child abuse. It has taken Reece years to get back on track after the bullshit The X Factor put him through.

Opening for Red Hot Summer has given Reece the chance to play his own songs with his own instruments and be himself.

Reece finally released his own album ‘Change Colours’ in 2015. He was basically the voice for the two manufactured records before that that were made to sell to a fast food music market.

‘Change Colours’ was a difficult album to make. It was built around the depression and anxiety that The X Factor abuse left behind.

‘Change Colours’ was a new direction for Reece. Instead of Ronald McDonald-like executives searching for their next music Big Mac, The Barnes family, Chris Cheney of The Living End, and Diesel held his hand and walked him back to a career path he could be proud of.

It has taken Reece Mastin years to get to where he is today.

Red Hot Summer’s Duane McDonald is a big believer in Reece’s talents. He has put him on tour on the Red Hot Summer festival where when you play on a bill with Barnes, Diesel and The Living End, you better be good or the audience will let you know.

Jimmy Barnes isn’t who he is because he won fame on a reality TV show. He knows it is all about the music and that, thankfully, this is where Reece has ended up at. His music rocks. It has real soul and blues to it. While other acts his age are covering Maroon 5, Reece is covering Lynyrd Skynyrd.

2019 should be a good year for Reece Mastin. He has found himself.

Reece Mastin will perform the last two Red Hot Summer series one shows this weekend at Bribie Island.

Suzi Quatro will headline series two of Red Hot Summer starting in the Barossa Valley on 16 February. The Barossa Valley and Jacobs Well Red Hot Summer show have already sold out.

The Suzi Quatro Red Hot Summer features The Angels, Baby Animals, The Screaming Jets, Jon Stevens, Moving Pictures and Chocolate Starfish.

Red Hot Summer series two dates

February 16, Barossa Valley, SA
February 17, Hobart, Tas
February 23, Bendigo, Vic
February 24, Canberra, ACT
March 2, Wodonga, Vic
March 3, Kiama, NSW
March 9, Kariong, NSW
March 10, Jacobs Well, Qld
March 16, Port Macquarie, NSW
March 17, Bribie Island

Ticketmaster 136 100 |

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