The Amy Winehouse 'Amy' : Soundtrack #REVIEW -
Amy Soundtrack

Amy Soundtrack

The Amy Winehouse ‘Amy’ : Soundtrack #REVIEW

by on October 14, 2015

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On October 30th Island Records will be releasing the soundtrack to the universally acclaimed documentary ‘Amy’. The emotional film directed by BAFTA winner director Asif Kapadia is absent from all narration and just lets Winehouse’s lyrics do the explaining, from the help of the beautifully formed soundtrack.

Antonio Pinto, known for his brilliance in composing for the likes of Snitch, The Host and Inside out, has done a phenomenal job of capturing Winehouse’s talent, quirky personality and pure tragedy from her death. From the first track it is clear Pinto is perfect for the job creating such a chilling and mellow atmosphere to engage the audience immediately.

A fair few rare cuts are hidden within the album that truly show the brilliance of the legend herself. ‘Stronger Than Me’ demonstrates Amy’s stunning vocals that we all miss, with ironic lyrics that send shivers down your spine. The saxophone instrumental shows her jazz influences that made her so unique. That jazz genre that Winehouse brought to the charts dissolved nearly as quickly as she did, making it an undesired genre nowadays.

Pinto’s composing pulls the album together, telling a story without any images. Although mellow and moody, Pinto has created thought provoking sentimental songs that simply seize the loss of such talent.

Alongside Pinto’s instrumentals the gem ‘Some Unholy War (Downtempo)’ shines. The downtempo version changes the song completely so that you are forced to listen to each word. Lyrics telling of her drug addiction and pain from relationships makes it the most heart wrenching on the album.

Winehouse’s classic ‘Back To Black’ makes an appearance but as an acapella/album medley. The song is beyond perfect showing her development in her career but also as a person. It truly shows off her raw vocals that can never be replaced.

‘Amy’ received rave reviews for its intimacy, passion and engaging plot and this can be reiterated for the soundtrack. The album captures Amy’s incredible irreplaceable talent with such brilliance but respect. The emotionally gripping album is perfect for a soundtrack but also as an album to stand on its own.


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