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Black Crowes

Black Crowes

The Black Crowes To Perform ‘Shake Your Money Maker’ In Las Vegas

by Paul Cashmere on September 8, 2021

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The Black Crowes will perform their debut album ‘Shake Your Money Maker’ at two shows in Las Vegas in November.

The Black Crowes are booked into House of Blues Las Vegas on 18 and 19 November. The band has already performed ‘Shake Your Money Money’ shows across America in Florida, Alabama, Georgia, Colorado, Washington and California.

‘Shake Your Money Maker’ was released on 13 February 1990. The title was named after the Elmore James blues track but the song was not included on the album.

A 30th anniversary edition of the album was released earlier this year.

The Black Crowes, ‘Shake Your Money Maker’ 30th Anniversary Track Listing:

LP 1: ‘Shake Your Money Maker’ (2020 Remaster)
Side One:
1. “Twice As Hard”
2. “Jealous Again”
3. “Sister Luck”
4. “Could I’ve Been So Blind”
5. “Seeing Things”
Side Two:
1. “Hard To Handle”
2. “Thick N’ Thin”
3. “She Talks To Angels”
4. “Struttin’ Blues”
5. “Stare It Cold”
6. “Mercy, Sweet Moan”

LP 2: More Money Maker: Unreleased Songs and B-Sides
Side One:
1. “Charming Mess”
2. “30 Days In The Hole”
3. “Don’t Wake Me”
4. “Jealous Guy”
5. “Waitin’ Guilty”

Side Two:
1. “Hard To Handle” (With Horns Remix)
2. “Jealous Again” (Acoustic Version)
3. “She Talks To Angels” (Acoustic Version)
4. “She Talks To Angels” (Mr. Crowe’s Garden Demo)
5. “Front Porch Sermon” (Mr. Crowe’s Garden Demo)

LPs 3 and 4: The Homecoming Concert: Atlanta, GA, December 1990
Side One:
1. “Introduction”
2. “Thick N’ Thin”
3. “You’re Wrong”
4. “Twice As Hard”
5. “Could I’ve Been So Blind”
6. “Seeing Things For The First Time”

Side Two:
1. “She Talks To Angels”
2. “Sister Luck”
3. “Hard To Handle”
4. “Shake ‘Em On Down/Get Back”

Side Three:
1. “Struttin’ Blues”
2. “Words You Throw Away”

Side Four:
1. “Stare It Cold”
2. “Jealous Again”

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