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Beeb Birtles

by on January 15, 2018

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Beeb Birtles is an Australian music legend. He hasn’t been in one successful band, he has been in at least three.

We first heard of Beeb Birtles in the 60s with Adelaide’s Zoot. Zoot was also Rick Springfield’s first band.

Mississippi formed in the 70s. That band pre-dated Little River Band with Graeham Goble and Beeb first charting together with ‘Kings of the World.

Little River Band broke worldwide and generated some of the biggest selling Australian records worldwide in the 70s and 80s.

In between there was Frieze with his old Zoot singer Darryl Cotton. Later there was Birtles, Shorrock, Goble, the trio that tried to restore the legacy of the badly tarnish LRB.

Beeb Birtles is part of Australian rock history. He tells the story of his life in his new book ‘Every Day Of My Life’. He also told Paul Cashmere at

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