Australia’s finest songwriters became VAST in the Pilbara -
VAST Photo By: Russell Ord Photography ( )

VAST Photo By: Russell Ord Photography ( )

Australia’s finest songwriters became VAST in the Pilbara

by on November 19, 2018

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Bernard Fanning, Sally Seltmann, Paul Dempsey, Glenn Richards (Augie March), Oh Mercy, Alan Pigram (Pigram Brothers), Jae Laffer (the Panics), Kav Temperley (Eskimo Joe), comedian Paul McDermott and many other notable musicians visited the deserted settlement of Cassack (Bajinhurrba) in the Pilbara region of Western Australia to create the VAST project.

The artists camped with visual artists and a musical instrument maker for a week and wrote the music of VAST. The result is the album VAST.

VAST Tracklist

Paul Dempsey – The Sky’s Gone Missing
Alexander Gow – Have A Little Faith
Bernard Fanning – Everything
Glenn Richards – Cossack Tide
Sally Seltmann – River River
Kav Temperley – Sugarstone
Bernard Fanning – Ashes & Dust
Tyson Mowarin – Best I Can
Rowena Wise – Overgrow
Jae Laffer – Ruins Of A Nameless Man
The Healys – Tradition
Nick Sheppard – You Get What You Give
Paul McDermott – Let Go
Aimee Chapman – Swallows
Adam Harvey – Red Dirt Town
Ryan Brennan – Fifo Waltz
Ian Campbell – Ghost Town
Josie Alec – Vast Thoughts

All proceeds generated by the Vast album sales will be used for the sole purpose of promoting, encouraging and advancing artistic pursuits in the Pilbara region. The fund will be available for any Pilbara resident, the award of a grant dependent on the review and recommendation of the Vast Project Trust panel. For more please visit:

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