Broadcast Television Rating In USA Collapse -

Broadcast Television Rating In USA Collapse

by Paul Cashmere on July 22, 2022

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Broadcast television ratings have fallen to 22.4% of the viewing audience in the USA, according to latest Nielsen survey.

Streaming services now rate 33.7% of the USA market, slightly behind cable with 35.1% with Broadcast television, once the great powerhouse of media, falling to third place trailing the number two streaming services by 11.3 points.

Nielsen reports that Netflix is the number one streaming service with 7.7% of all US eyeballs when watching TV. YouTube is also high with 6.9% of the American market followed by Hulu (3.3%), Prime Video (2.9%), Disney+ (2.0%( and HBOMAX (1.0%).

Cable is still number one but viewing fell 2% in June. It is down 11.9 points since June 2021.

Netflix was up 16% for the month from May to June, the biggest jump ever for a streaming platform.

Since June 2021 Amazon Prime is up 31.9%, Disney+ 22% and Netflix 18.1%.

It is bad news for broadcast television with time spent watching is down 6.7% in June compared to May.

The figures should serve as a warning for radio who mask their losses by not comparing their listenership with that of other audio media such as streaming services like Spotify and Apple Music, placing community stations in the “other” category” and designating DAB+ listening to a whole other section.

Radio has long just compared Radio to Radio and never Radio to All Media. After all, everyone is competing for the same people one at a time.

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