Creationville’s Adam Gaynor and Randy Cooke Discuss Their Whacky Antics -
Creationville Rufus Dorsey episode

Creationville Rufus Dorsey episode

Creationville’s Adam Gaynor and Randy Cooke Discuss Their Whacky Antics

by Paul Cashmere on August 6, 2020

in News

Former Matchbox Twenty guitarist Adam Gaynor and one-time Smashmouth musician Randy Cooke zoomed into this week with a few yarns about their whacky touring days.

Adam Gaynor and Randy Cooke host the weekly ‘Creationville’ vodcast on YouTube. Back in their touring days they did get up to some antics. Adam was the instigator of one of Matchbox Twenty’s silliest rider requests involving a goldfish.

“The goldfish story is, I was sitting backstage with the guys waiting for another show and I was like ‘I don’t understand why we are getting ripped in the press, we are boring, we are bland, we are timid. We have a rider. We can literally ask for anything and it will just show up the next day’.

“So with all my brilliant thinking you’d think, do you want food, do you want champagne, Dom? No we are going to have a goldfish in a bowl show up at every arena in the US and every day we showed up the band would be like ‘where’s the goldfish?’. We were so excited to see the stupid fish.

“Rob took his sharpie, he is an artist, he was doodling on the glass and at the meet and greet we would give the goldfish in a bowl to the fan and you see the fan in the front row trying to hold the bowl. It was the best”.

Watch the Adam Gaynor and Randy Cooke ‘Creationville’ Interviews from Home.

Randy has done equally silly stuff. “At a show once I kicked over a drumset,” he says. “I was playing some Jimi Hendrix music with a guy who looked just like Jimi Hendrix. That was part of the show. He lit the guitar on fire and I kicked the drumset off stage. It was big, the audience was going crazy and that was the encore.

“I had to fly to the gig and thought it was a rental drumset. It always is. I wasn’t trying to be that disrespectable, these drumkits are used by different drummers every day, maybe it will get some scrapes and scruffs. So I kicked the drumkit, cymbals go flying, drums are rolling around the stage.

“Then there is a banging on the dressing room door two minutes afterwards. I found out the drumkit did not come from a music store. It wasn’t rented. It was loaned by a friend of the club owner who was in the audience and was the drummer smashing on the door. I smooth things over and apologised but I did trash the drumkit of a dude who was in the audience watching it”.

Adam Gaynor and Randy Cooke host the weekly Creationville. Their guests have included indie singer Kara Connolly, Twilight star Peter, Ali star and motivation speaker Rufus Dorsey, YouTube director Zeke Thomas, Power Rangers writer and director Douglas Sloan and in episode four Randy interviews Adam.

Visit Creationville with Adam Gaynor and Randy Cooke.

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