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When Sharpies Ruled

When Sharpies Ruled

Early Finch To Get A Run On When Sharpies Ruled Compilation

by Paul Cashmere on June 24, 2015

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Extremely rare Finch will soon make its way onto a new Warner compilation ‘When Sharpies Ruled – A Vicious Selection’.

Finch’s cover of the Eagles ‘Out of Control’ and their original ‘Hey Spunky’ will be included on the compilation due in August.

Finch was a 70’s Sydney band that released three albums, the third under a new band Contraband. The biggest hit ‘Where We You’ reached no 25 in 1978.

The band at one time featured Bob Spencer (1973-77) who left to join Skyhooks and Mark Evans (1977-1979) who joined Finch after leaving AC/DC.

‘When Sharpies Ruled’ also features rare tracks by Buster Brown, the band featuring Gary ‘Angry’ Anderson, pre-Rose Tattoo and Phil Rudd, pre-AC/DC, glam rock hits from Hush and Supernaut as well as 70s pub bands Rabbit and Taste and guitar rock from The Coloured Balls and Kevin Borich Express.

Warner Music will release ‘When Sharpies Ruled’ on August 7, 2015.

1. Coloured Balls : Time Shapes
2. Finch : Out Of Control
3. La De Das : The Place (single edit.)
4. Coloured Balls : Flash
5. Billy Thorpe & The Aztecs : Let’s Have A Party
(Recorded live at Sunbury 1974)
6. Stevie Wright : Hard Road
7. Buster Brown : Roll Over Beethoven
8. Skyhooks : Horror Movie
9. Coloured Balls : Love You Babe
10. Hush : Riff In My Head
11. Fat Daddy : Roll Daddy Roll
12. Ted Mulry Gang : Jump In My Car
13. Bullet : Rock My Lady
14. Hush : Bony Moronie
15. Fatty Lumpkin : Movin’
16. Kevin Borich Express : I’m Goin’ Somewhere
17. Ted Mulry Gang : Crazy
18. Finch : Hey Spunky
19. Taste : Tickle Your Fancy
20. Rabbit : Wildfire
21. Supernaut : I Like It Both Ways
22. Rose Tattoo : Remedy
23. La Femme : Chelsea Kids (single version)


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