Ed Sheehan Talks Differences Between Two Albums
Ed Sheeran, Photo By Ros O'Gorman

Ed Sheeran, Photo By Ros O'Gorman

Ed Sheehan Talks Differences Between Two Albums

by Music-News.com on July 26, 2014

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Ed Sheeran wanted to ‘rock the boat a little bit’ with his new music.

The British singer scored his first number one single in the UK with the lead single from his second album, Sing. The song has a completely different sound to some of his earlier releases and the 23-year-old admits this was intentional.

‘I think you do have to continue to improve yourself,’ he told MTV. ‘[Sing] felt like the furthest away of anything I have ever done, and I would prefer to be talked about than not talked about and sticking out a song that makes everyone go ‘huh?’ I think is more interesting than sticking out a song that makes everyone go ‘ah yeah, he’s back yeah cool’. Do something that really rocks the boat a little bit and I think it’s a good song.’

Ed received great critical acclaim for his first album, +. But the performer thinks there was always somewhere he could go with his music in terms of making it better.

‘I think it was very easy to improve on the first album,’ he revealed. ‘I think it was a great stepping stone, it opened all the doors it need to, and I would say there are some songs on that album that I would put on this album. But I’ve evolved as a musician, my tastes are different and my experiences have changed, and for me it was quite easy to improve on it.’

Another track that people are talking about off his new album, X, is Don’t. The angry song has everyone speculating over who it is about. But while Ed won’t reveal the person in question, he did reveal what his BFF thought of it.

‘When I sent her the angry song she said she’s glad she’s never annoyed me. And she never wants to annoy me,’ he laughed. “So that’s something because she can write some quite harsh songs. If I can write harsher songs than her than I win.’

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