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Eddie C Campbell

Eddie C Campbell

Eddie C. Campbell In Poor Medical And Financial Condition After Stroke

by Roger Wink, VVN Music on February 5, 2013

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Blues singer Eddie C. Campbell is in a very precarious position both medically and financially and is asking for help from his fans and the blues community.

Eddie C Campbell

Eddie C Campbell

Campbell recently had a heart attack and stroke while on tour in Germany and has been left paralyzed on his right side. His chances for a recovery are time dependent and, because his health insurance is not usable overseas, he is facing huge monetary charges to either get the needed therapy or to get home for treatment.

The following was posted on the Oshkosh Native Sons Blues Society Facebook page.

*******Eddie C. Campbell Assistance Fund*******
Many of you have already heard that famed Blues guitarist Eddie C. Campbell has experienced a serious medical crisis. Barbara Mayson Campbell has asked that this message be distributed throughout the Blues community, to friends and fans of Eddie, in the US and internationally. Please feel free to copy, paste and share, and, most importantly, click on the PayPal link to donate. The need is great and the situation is urgent.
A Message from Barbara Mayson Campbell
As many of you know, Eddie suffered a heart attack and stroke while on tour in Germany. He is out of intensive care and stabilized. However, he is at present paralyzed on his right side. We need your help. Time is of the essence; Eddie’s prognosis for a full recovery is dependent upon him receiving the appropriate medical attention including neuro/physical therapy. Eddie has no medical coverage in Germany, and, due to his condition, he may only be able to fly commerically with a medical escort or, ideally, in an air ambulance. The costs will be staggering in the coming weeks and months. Donations are being accepted at my PayPal account at the following link:


As his manager and mother of his children, I appreciate your good will, your prayers, and, if possible, your financial support.

Barbara ([email protected])
Administrator, Eddie C. Campbell Assistance Fund

Campbell moved to Chicago at the age of 12 and became active in the blues scene almost immediately, playing with Muddy Waters, Magic Sam and Otis Rush. He has been recording since the mid-70’s with his latest, Spider Eating Preacher, being released last year on Delmark Records.



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