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Flo Rida

Flo Rida

Flo Rida Responds To Drug Raid And Festival No-Show

by Andrew Tijs on October 26, 2011

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US rapper Flo Rida has responded to claims about a drug raid and a festival non-appearance in Australia.

Flo Rida

Flo Rida

Firstly, the rapper didn’t appear at Newcastle’s Fat As Butter festival last Saturday, where he was booked to co-headline.

Then his hotel room was visited by police the next night, responding to reports of a “strong cannabis smell” emanating from it. Flo Rida wasn’t arrested, but an associate was found with a sizeable amount of marijuana, scales, and a stun gun.

Flo Rida spoke to AllHipHop.com about the issues, saying “I didn’t run to the media to discuss a business issue with my tour because I didn’t think that was the appropriate way to handle things. Now I’m forced to, because the things that are being said about me are not true.”

He stated that there was no room booked for him at Sydney’s Four Seasons before Fat As Butter, nor any transport to the venue, and he said he did arrive late to the festival after securing his own transport.

He also claimed reports about the raid were erroneous, saying, “I am not a smoker and as a matter of fact, contrary to reports my room was never raided”.

The promoters at Fat As Butter have already responded to Flo Rida’s claims, saying he might be “confused”.

Promoters sent a statement to YourDailySPA suggesting that he may have confused his Fat As Butter hiccup with another appearance.

They relate a rather calamitous effort to get him to the festival in the statement below.

“In regards to the response from Flo Rida, it would appear he is confused with what event he is even talking about and is getting his [non] appearance at Fat As Butter possibly confused with his later appearance at the Mounties Club on Saturday night. This is also supported by the fact he never made it to Fat As Butter – late or otherwise.

“We were originally to pick him up from his confirmed accommodation being the Marriott Hotel in Pitt St, but were advised on Saturday morning that he was now staying at the Four Seasons. When our transport arrived at the Four Seasons we were told he was no longer staying there and had booked himself into the Shangri- La, and this is where we found him.

“It was here that he actually got in the car and requested the driver to take him to a Subway shop for food, while also requesting that the driver only play his music and to turn his mirrors so he couldn’t look him in the eye. Following this the driver was told to take him to Star City where apparently he had now booked another room.

“According to our driver when they arrived at Star City he then had some sort of dummy spit, entered the hotel and never returned. Once we were officially advised that he was cancelling his appearance at Fat As Butter, we asked the vehicles to return to Newcastle where they were to meet their scheduled requirements for other artists playing at the event.

“Again I’d like to stress Fat As Butter had nothing to do with the sourcing or booking of any accommodation, and that we provided his exact requirements for ground transfers [a Mercedes Viano and a 12 seater Mini Bus], and that at no stage was there any dispute or complaint about the standard of vehicles or those driving them.”

We may never know the whole truth…


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