Frank Ocean Blonde Released And You Can Hear It Now -
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Frank Ocean Blonde Released And You Can Hear It Now

by on August 21, 2016

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Frank Ocean’s much talked about second album ‘Blonde’ is now available and streaming at Apple Music.

The mysterious musician has kept fans waiting for a follow-up to his Grammy-winning 2012 debut album Channel Orange/ He then surprised fans with the sudden release on ‘Blonde’ on the weekend.

Ocean’s second album ‘Blonde’ is a 17-track LP that also contains his fresh single ‘Nikes’, became available to buy via streaming app Apple Music on Saturday (20Aug16), two days after the release of his surprise visual album Endless.

While many have reported that Endless is Ocean’s long-awaited new record, it is, in fact, a separate project to his follow-up LP Blonde. It was initially believed to be called Boys Don’t Cry.

Instead, the name Boys Don’t Cry applies to a print publication that customers received when they purchased his album Blonde at pop-up shop locations. The shops were installed in London, Los Angeles, New York and Chicago this weekend.

Frank has kept the surprises coming for fans over the summer. He has been teasing listeners about the release of his second album since last year.

Earlier this month he hit headlines after posting a cryptic live video stream on his website. The video showed an Apple Music-sponsored black and white video feed of a warehouse. Ocean updated his live stream on Thursday with footage of him building a staircase in the same warehouse, which is the basis for the visuals seen in Endless.

Ocean’s 18-track visual album Endless features collaborations with musicians such as James Blake, Radiohead’s Jonny Greenwood and Jazmine Sullivan. The London Contemporary Orchestra provides much of the beautiful background tunes thanks to its cello, violin, double bass and viola players.

Check out Frank OCean ‘Blonde’ at Apple Music.

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