Johnny Depp Ends His ‘War On Terrier’ With Australia -
Johnny Depp and Amber Heard apologise to Australia

Johnny Depp Ends His ‘War On Terrier’ With Australia

by Paul Cashmere on April 18, 2016

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Johnny Depp and his wife Amber Heard looked extremely uncomfortable as they read a prepared statement apologising for Boogate and Pistolgate, the scandal that almost destroyed all life as we know it in Australia.

Well, that was how it was presented by the Australian Government’s head of silly statements Barnaby Joyce.

Depp and Heard filmed an extremely excruciating apology that looked more like some terrorist threat video instead of a performance from an Academy Award winning actor.

A statement from Australia’s Department of Agriculture accompanying the video said:

Australia has very strict biosecurity laws to protect the health of our people, animals and plants. Everyone entering the country must truthfully declare if they are carrying any items listed on the Incoming Passenger Card.

Ms Amber Heard appeared in the Southport Magistrates Court in Queensland on 18 April 2016 to answer charges alleging the illegal importation of her two dogs into Australia in April 2015.

Ms Heard pleaded guilty to one count of producing a false document (her Incoming Passenger Card).

Ms Heard also offered to publicly state her contrition with the support of her husband – this video is that statement.

Joyce threatened to kill Heard’s dogs last May when Depp and Heard were caught with the dogs when Johnny Depp was in Australia filming the next Pirates of the Caribbean movie in Queensland.

After Depp called Joyce a ‘sweaty, big gutted man’. “I killed my dogs and ate them under direct orders from some big, sweaty man from Australia,” Depp said at a press conference.

Even Russell Brand got in on the act.

So did John Oliver.

After today’s court hearing the ‘War On Terrier’ is officially over.


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