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Joss Stone’s Relief As Men Plotting To Kill Her Are Convicted

by on April 4, 2013

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Joss Stone is ‘relieved’ that two men have been convicted of plotting to kill her.

Joss Stone

Joss Stone

The singer showed her appreciation for the decision on Wednesday after Junior Bradshaw, 32, and Kevin Liverpool, 35, were found guilty of planning to rob and murder her in a June 2011 incident.

Britain’s Exeter Crown Court gave Kevin a life sentence and ordered him to serve a minimum of ten years and eight months, while Bradshaw is to be sentenced at a later date.

“I am relieved the trial is now over and that these men are no longer in a position to cause harm to anyone,” Joss said in a statement about the men who denied all charges including their plan to cause grievous bodily harm.

The criminals were arrested near the pop star’s home in Devon, England when suspicious neighbours reported them to police.

Apparently they had items including a samurai sword, knives, hammer, black bags and gloves with them.

Prosecutors insisted their intention was to decapitate Stone and leave her body in a river after handwritten notes were found.

The men were also opposed to Joss attending the Royal wedding of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, describing the Grammy Award-winning musician and Britain’s Queen Elizabeth as “devils”.

‘People are mental, man. But it’s alright. This is another story I can add to my list of stories. It makes my life so much more interesting,’ she told Entertainment Tonight at the time.

‘You can’t fret about things that didn’t happen, it just seems a bit silly.’

Brushing the scary occasion off, Joss even joked that she ‘might take it as a compliment’.

Joss’ wealth was estimated at £9 million by newspaper The Sunday Times, and one theory being considered is that the men were jealous of her success.


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