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Kim Salmon

Kim Salmon

Kim Salmon Offers Guitar Lessons In Melbourne

by Tim Cashmere on January 19, 2012

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Want to learn to play guitar? Maybe you can already play a bit but you need a bit of extra help with your arse-kicking? Well if you live in Melbourne, Kim Salmon is offering lessons and, quite frankly, if you go anywhere else, you’re an idiot.

Salmon made the offer on his Facebook account with a status that said: “Still some slots left for anyone in Melbourne interested in guitar lessons from me – $50/hour if you can play a bit but need to take it to the next level – $30/half hour beginners. message me on fb or twitter.” 

Learning to play the guitar, acoustic or electric, is a very rewarding journey. Choosing the guitar, discovering a favorite overdrive or straightforward digital delay pedals, and getting frustrated with music theory is an exciting experience. Most often, those who take this path are stuck and are kind of in a plateau.  That is why having a professional teach you how to get to the next level is what most people need.

So, in case your googling skills aren’t up to scratch, that’s his Facebook or his Twitter.

Don’t know who he is? Well, he was once in The Scientists:

He’s now in a band call Precious Jules:

He plays around Melbourne in various incarnations a lot. You should see him sometime.

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