Massive Attack Producer Signs On To Soundtrack Halo Video Game -
Neil Davidge

Neil Davidge

Massive Attack Producer Signs On To Soundtrack Halo Video Game

by Andrew Tijs on April 12, 2012

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Neil Davidge, producer for UK trip-hop masters Massive Attack, has recorded seven hours of music for the soundtrack to Halo 4.

Neil Davidge

Neil Davidge

Davidge is the man behind Massive Attack’s hit albums Mezzanine, 100th Window and Heligoland. Now he’s providing the music for the fourth instalment of the space marine video game Halo.

Spin spoke to Davidge about the project, saying he’s been a fan of the series from the very beginning, ten years ago.

He said, “From playing the game for many years, the soundtrack was very much a part of my everyday life. You can’t play a game for that many years for every bar to not be familiar to you so, I’d been unconsciously studying what [previous composer] Marty [O’Donnell] had done for a long time.”

Davidge will actually finish the music before the game is completed, so  “I’m not actually going to know how the music’s going to work in the game until I actually buy the game and sit down and play it. I have to trust that they know what they’re looking for and I have to produce as much material as I can in the schedule and give them as many options as possible.”

He said he’s recorded over seven hours worth of music for the game, with four to be used in the game.

There is no set release date for Halo 4 yet, but it will come out sometime this year.

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