More Rare Skyhooks Goes Online -
Skyhooks in America 1976 photo from Peter Green

Skyhooks in America 1976 photo from Peter Green

More Rare Skyhooks Goes Online

by Paul Cashmere on May 3, 2023

in News

Never before audio from Skyhooks 1976 American tour has been revealed by Skyhooks archivist Peter Green.

While the audio is poor quality it is also not for commercial consumption. The audio was recorded on the bands tape-recorder near the mixing desk Peter Green has released the audio for true fans to hear a moment in time.

Also Peter Green tells Noise11, “In case anyone try’s to correct Shirl when he says our first album ‘Ego Is Not a Dirty Word’, … in America the debut was called Ego (featuring mostly songs from the Australian ‘Ego’ album and one or two swapped around and taken from Living In The Seventies).

Green also recently shared a rare and very early live recording of Skyhooks performing ‘Blue Jeans’ from the seventh ever show.

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