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Mother Of Whitney Houston To Write Memoirs

by on June 6, 2012

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Whitney’s Houston’s mother Cissy Houston has signed a book deal to tell the world about her ‘extraordinarily beautiful’ daughter.

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Whitney Houston

The Bodyguard star passed away in February at the age of 48 leaving her family devastated.

But Cissy says she is penning the memoir to share Whitney’s true story with her fans.

“When I lost my daughter Nippy (Whitney’s nickname), the world lost one of the most beautiful voices and an extraordinarily beautiful and charitable woman,’ Cissy said in a statement released by HarperCollins.

“In sharing our story in this book, I hope to give her fans something to treasure, the way we all treasured Whitney. I hope reading this book will provide a deeper understanding into my daughter’s true story.’

The publisher added that Cissy ‘will tell the unabridged and unbelievable story of her daughter’s life as well as her own, addressing Whitney’s brightest and darkest moments.”

Cissy and Whitney’s daughter Bobbi Kristina will also star in upcoming reality show, The Houston Family chronicles which will showcase them as they try to deal with their grief.

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