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Hog Fever

Hog Fever

Kevin Godley Turns ‘Hog Fever’ Into An Ear Movie

by Paul Cashmere on December 11, 2015

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Kevin Godley of 10CC/Godley and Creme fame has turned Richard La Plante’s book ‘Hog Fever’ into an Ear Movie.

“An Ear Movie? Damn right,” Godley exclaimed. The Ear ie: audio) movie features veteran actor Terence Stamp (Superman, Superman II, Star Wars The Phantom Menace, Priscilla Queen of the Desert). “Once Terence was in, I was, but what the hell is an Ear Movie anyway? Well, it’s a pure audio experience with music plus all the production values of a movie but without any er…pictures! Anyway, once we started writing, a few things became obvious. A) Lose anything that relies on seeing. B) Don’t get lost in sound for sound’s sake. C) Write until your eyes bleed…but hey, who needs eyes, anyway? We’re making an EAR MOVIE!”

The idea for the “ear movie” came about when author La Plante attempted to create an audiobook for ‘Hog Fever’. “I’m dribbling into a microphone in a tiny LA sound studio, trying to record an audio book of my memoir Hog Fever and the sound engineer looks as bored as I feel,” he said. “Then a thought hits me like the crack of thunder from a V-Twin exhaust. Boom! Why don’t I do the Hog Fever screenplay, not the book, and get real actors, Terence Stamp, sound effects, Rock music, the works? I’ll phone my writing buddy, Kevin Godley – the Scorsese of music video and we’ll call it an, an…”

So ‘Hog Fever’ is now a movie on CD. It comprises Episodes 1 through 5 plus bonus music soundtrack including 4 original songs by Kevin Godley (10 CC, Godley & Creme, GG/06) ‘The Bad & The Beautiful’ ‘Work Song’ ‘Just Write’ and ‘Confession.’ and a special track by Daniel Ash (Bauhaus, Love and Rockets) ‘Flame On.’

Hog Fever is now available from Amazon.


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