Phil Collins Plans To Trim Back 'Going Back' -
Phil Collins Going Back

Phil Collins Going Back

Phil Collins Plans To Trim Back ‘Going Back’

by on February 16, 2016

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Phil Collins has been busy in recent months adding archive material to the reissues of his catalog. That’s not going to be the case with his last studio album, 2010’s Going Back.

Going Back was Collins’ homage to the world of R&B and, especially, Motown music with the original album being 18 tracks and the deluxe edition 25 songs. Phil told Billboard magazine “There was just too much music.”

For the reissue of the album, Collins is going to cut it down to between 11 and 15 tracks but the cuts have not been easy. “The reason there’s so much on the original album is every song we did I just loved, I loved the original songs and I loved what we’ve done with my replicas of those songs so we put everything on, but I think maybe it was too much. I think for a number of reasons that album was missed.”

Expect the reissue to come with not only a tighter track list, but a change in the song order including the moving of Going Back from the last to the first track on the set. He also is changing the cover photo as he has with all of the reissues, choosing to recreate the design as exactly as possible but with an older Collins. For Going Back, the picture of him as a 12-year-old playing the drums will, most likely, be changed to a current picture at a very similar drum set.

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