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Rancid And Out Come The Wolves

Rancid ‘And Out Comes The Wolves’ Turns 20

by Paul Cashmere on November 16, 2015

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Rancid will release a 20th anniversary edition of their punk classic ‘…And Out Come The Wolves’.

‘…And Out Come The Wolves’ was the third studio album for Berkley, California band. The title of the album was a reference to the bidding war that broke out for the band before Rancid recorded the album.

The ‘…And Out Come The Wolves’ album produced the hits ‘Roots Paradise’, ‘Time Bomb’ and ‘Ruby Soho’.

‘…And Out Come The Wolves’ was released during a vibrant time in music with this title joining with Bad Religion’s Stranger than Fiction, Green Day’s Dookie and The Offspring’s Smash to deliver some of the finest punk rock of the mid 90s.



1. Maxwell Murder

2. The 11th Hour

3. Roots Radical 

4. Time Bomb

5. Olympia, WA

6. Lock, Step & Gone

7. Junkie Man 

8. Listed M.I.A.

9. Ruby Soho 

10. Daly City Train 

11. Journey to the End of the East Bay

12. She’s Automatic 

13. Old Friend 

14. Disorder and Disarray

15. The Wars End 

16. You Don’t Care Nothin’ 

17. As Wicked 

18. Avenues & Alleyways

19. The Way I Feel 

20. Blast ‘Em (bonus track – available on digital only)

21. That’s Entertainment (bonus track – available on digital only)

The recording of …And Out Come The Wolves was split between Fantasy Studios in Berkeley, CA and Electric Lady Studios in New York City. It was produced by Jerry Finn, mixed by Andy Wallace, with additional recording in New York by Brett Gurewitz. It was released on August 22, 1995 at the height of the 90’s punk resurgence and is arguably one of the most important albums of that decade. Featuring tracks that have become punk standards such as “Roots Radical”, “Time Bomb”, and “Ruby Soho”. …And Out Come The Wolves was certified gold in 1996 and platinum in 2004.
Re-mastered for the first time since its release, in 1994, when digital mastering was in its infancy, this re-issue is a first opportunity to hear this incredible record in all its stunning hard-hitting fidelity – the way it was always meant to be heard. The way, the late great, Jerry Finn would have wanted it.


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