Tom Petty’s Mudcrutch 2 Is Coming In May -
Tom Petty

Tom Petty

Tom Petty’s Mudcrutch 2 Is Coming In May

by Paul Cashmere on April 1, 2016

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Mudcrutch was Tom Petty’s band before Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers. When they broke up in 1975 Petty formed The Heartbreakers.

Mudcrutch were signed to Leon Russell’s Shelter Records in the 70s and only ever released the one single ‘Depot Street’. Petty decided to finally make a full album with the band featuring Heartbreakers Mike Campbell and Benmont Tench, original band member Tom Leadon and Randall Marsh in 2008.

In 2015 talking to Rolling Stone he said, “We’re gonna use the Heartbreakers studio. We have a big Heartbreakers club house out in the valley which is where we made the last one. I imagine most of it will be done there. The wild thing about the last album is that the vocals and even the harmony vocals were done live on the floor of the studio at the same time we played it, so there weren’t many overdubs. I’m hoping we can do that again. They play their solos on the fly, so every take is a little different, but in the end you just go for the best one. We made that record in 10 days.”

Mudcrutch 2 will be released on May 20. Petty will tour Mudcrutch in North America from May 26.

This week at Noise11 iHeartRadio we feature Mudcrutch ‘Trailer’.

2 Tracklist

Mudcrutch 2 Mudcrutch 21 Trailer
2 Dreams Of Flying
3 Beautiful Blue
4 Beautiful World
5 I Forgive It All
6 The Other Side Of The Mountain
7 Hope
8 Welcome To Hell
9 Save Your Water
10 Victim Of Circumstance
11 Hungry No More


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