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Bill Putt, Photo By Ros O'Gorman

R.I.P. Spectrum’s Bill Putt Dies From Heart Attack

by Paul Cashmere on August 7, 2013

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Bill Putt, founding and long-term bass player of Spectrum and Ariel, has died of a heart attack.

Bill passed away in Melbourne today (August 7) while chopping wood. The sudden news is a shock to those who knew Bill and worked with him, especially in the Melbourne music industry.

Bill, and singer, guitarist and harmonica player Mike Rudd, were Spectrum from 1969-1973 and re-actived the name in 1999 where they continued to consistently perform right up until now.

Spectrum formed after the demise of The Party Machine featuring Rudd and Ross Wilson (pre-Daddy Cool). After The Party Machine split, Wilson and Rudd formed Sons of Vegetal Mother with Ross Hannaford. Wilson and Hannaford moved on to Daddy Cool and Rudd formed Spectrum with Bill Putt.

Spectrum were one of Australia’s greatest prog-rock bands of the 70s but they also delivered one of Australia’s greatest rock hits ever ‘I’ll Be Gone’, a song that today is still played every day on radio and considered an Oz Rock Classic.

At their peak Spectrum would often perform under their Indelible Mertceps. After the 1973 split Rudd and Putt formed Ariel with Tim Gaze of Taman Shud.

Bill is one of the nice guys of the Australian music industry and will be missed.

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