Stace Cadet Remixed By Kyle Watson, Acaddamy and Moss -
Stace Cadet

Stace Cadet Remixed By Kyle Watson, Acaddamy and Moss

by Paul Cashmere on May 20, 2016

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Melbourne dancefloor rookie Stace Cadet has three new remixes of his ‘Molly Happy’ track.

Stace Cadet ‘Molly Happy’ has been given a make-over by Kyle Watson, Acaddamy and Moss.

Dirty Bird’s Kyle Watson, Brisbane’s Moss and Sydney’s Acaddamy have put their own style over the popular dance track.

Stace Cadet is Stasi Kataras. “It was a Thursday afternoon and I was tackling a Bega Stringer like my life depended on it,” laughs Kotaras “and boom, I get an email from a very dear friend of mine, Guy Chappell (Yacht Club Dj’s / Twinsy) with a link to this delicious Twinsy mix. I threw the stringer on the ground and called the Medium Rare Records team and here we are.”

The video for ‘Molly Happy’ was directed by Chase Burns (Troye Sivan, Happy Little Pill). The video was shot at Lake Corangamite, the closest thing to Mars on Earth, and follows the hero Stace Cadet as he is thrust into an alien landscape, completely alone, or so he thinks. “In the clip, the YANG version of me finds a charm that transports him into another world where the YIN version of me finds some mirrors that encourage him to explore his emotions,’ explains Kotaras. “At the end of the clip he realises he quite likes this world, and lets himself wander off in the never-ending scape of it.”

Stace Cadet ‘Molly Happy’ Kyle Watson remix

Stace Cadet ‘Molly Happy’ Acaddamy remix

Stace Cadet ‘Molly Happy’ Moss remix

Stace Cadet ‘Molly Happy’ Video


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