Suzi Quatro Recovers After Accident And Prepares For Her New Show -
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Suzi Quatro Recovers After Accident And Prepares For Her New Show

by Roger Wink, VVN Music on September 5, 2012

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In April, Suzi Quatro fell while getting off of an airplane in Kiev, breaking her right knee and left wrist. Since that time, she has been recovering and, even though she continues to be in pain, she has put on her first show.

Suzi Quatro

Suzi Quatro

According to her official site, she performed on August 27 in Essex, U.K. and is now preparing for her new show, Unzipped, which will premier at the Hippodrome in London on October 29 and play through November 3. Quatro says on the Hippodrome site:

I have had a long varied career. Starting with playing bongos in my dad’s band at the age of seven, through my early years in girl group, The Pleasure Seekers, to my move to the UK in 1971 as a solo artist, with hits all around the world since 1973. My career has taken in the whole ‘entertainment’ ball of wax… rock and roll, acting, my own television talk show, author, radio DJ since 1999, various and numerous television shows, musicals… I could go on but I won’t.

UNZIPPED is a show that will take you through my personal journey in this crazy world that’s called ‘show business’. It’s not an easy ride – if you don’t like roller coasters, don’t get on. I kicked down the door for women, becoming the first rock and roll female musician and singer to have hits…no easy feat. There is a reason it fell to my shoulders, and the reason is… I DON’T DO GENDER!!! If you want more, come and see the show…but leave your preconceived ideas behind”
Suzi Quatro

Along with getting ready for the show, Quatro has also recorded a new documentary series for BBC Radio 2, talking with some of the pioneers of music from the Detroit area. She told her webmasters “I think we have a whole series here.. its been so interesting..So far have done Wayne Kramer (mc5), Lamont Dozier (holland-dozier-holland), the main man who wrote just about the entire sound track of my life!!!I was actually gushing…Dick Wagner.( guitarist). Frost (Detroit). Alice Coopers main man for 5 albums.. one of the best.. just love him…Motown studios, Al Abrahms.. (google him).. First promo man from Motown….Bobby Brooks Wilson (Jackie Wilsons son) my brother.. Who was one of the main promoters in the area.. Late sixties”

The air dates for the series are to be announced.

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