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The Rolling Stones Honoured On Dartford Railway Station

by Paul Cashmere on February 7, 2015

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The Rolling Stones have been immortalised with a plaque at the place Mick Jagger and Keith Richards first met in 1961 … Dartford Railway Station.

A heritage plaque marking the historic meeting that led to the start of the Rolling Stones was unveiled at Platform 2 at Dartford Station by the Mayor of Dartford Avtar Sandhu and the current head of Mick’s old school, John Oakes this week.

An the unveiling Dartford council’s Jeremy Kite said, “Platform 2 has a small but important role in pop music history. I hope that in the years ahead many thousands of rail passengers will enjoy looking at the plaque and realising the part the station played in bringing The Rolling Stones together.”

Keith Richards described the day he met Mick Jagger on October 17, 1961 in his autobiography ‘Life’. In 1962, he wrote a letter to his Aunty Patty. “You know I was keen on Chuck Berry and thought I was the only fan for miles but one morning on the Dartford Station I was holding one of Chuck’s records when a guy I knew at primary school 7-11 years y’know came up to me. He’s got every record Chuck Berry ever made and all his mates have too, they are all rhythm and blues fans, real R&B I mean (not this Dinah Shore, Brooke Benton crap). Jimmy Reed, Muddy Waters, Chuck, Howlin’ Wolf, John Lee Hooker and all the Chicago bluesmen. Real lowdown stuff, marvellous. Bo Diddley, he’s another great.

“Anyway the guy on the station, he’s called Mick Jagger … Mick is the greatest R&B singer this side of the Atlantic”.

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