The Simpsons Do The Homer Shake -
The Simpsons Homer Shake

The Simpsons do the Homer Shake

The Simpsons Do The Homer Shake

by Paul Cashmere on March 2, 2013

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The ‘Harlem Shake’ has developed into the ‘Homer Shake’. The new Simpsons promo features America’s first family taking ownership of the Baauer dance craze.

The Simpsons Homer Shake

The Simpsons do the Homer Shake

The Simpson’s video was produced by Fox as the promo for this weekend’s show. It features Maggie wearing a helmet dancing to the intro of the song and then the whole family, then the whole town, joins in.

Baauer ‘Harlem Shake’ is topping charts all over the world this week but in Australia it took the title of becoming the 1000th number one hit in Australia ever. It look 73-year for Australia to have its 1000th number one hit.

American DJ and producer Baauer has produced remixes from Nero, The Prodigy and No Doubt before stumbling onto his own hit in ‘Harlem Shake’.

‘Harlem Shake’ has been what the industry calls “a sleeper”. The Baueer track was first released in May, 2012 but it wasn’t until fans started to upload their own videos featuring crazy dance moves did it take off.

Baueer is one of the SXSW showcase artists for 2013. Baueer will showcase The Harlem Shake at Scott Inn on 4th St, Austin at 12:15am on March 15.

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