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Travis Barker Came To Hate ‘All The Small Things’

by on February 7, 2016

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Blink-182 drummer Travis Barker was nearly driven crazy by the brand’s track All the Small Things.

The song has arguably been the bands biggest hit, and it was a firm favourite among fans before frontman Tom DeLonge quit the group in 2015.

When NME asked 40-year-old Travis the song he can no longer listen to, he waivered on the hit.

“There was a point where Mark (Hoppus, bassist and singer) Tom and I were like, ‘We can’t play All The Small Things one more f**king time,'” he groaned to the magazine. “We were gonna go crazy, but it would be like going to see Jay Z and he doesn’t play 99 Problems. For your fans it’s their favourite song and they’re waiting all night to finally here it – regardless of it being over 15 years old.”

Travis gave a run down on the songs that have shaped his life, citing the Beastie Boys Licensed to III as the first album he bought, and Stacey Q’s Two of Hearts as the first track he remembers hearing.

His own song Feeling This is what makes him most love Blink-182, and he thinks of the band’s 2003 album as “sweet days”.

Beastie Boys also feature heavily in his life playlist, as do Van Halen, whose 1984 track Hot For Teacher influenced Travis’ own career.

“It was something I would mimic when I was younger. But it wasn’t a song that got me into drumming though. It was Animal from the Muppets. It wasn’t even a human being I was inspired by – It was f**king Animal,” he laughed.

The song he wants to be played at his funeral is Pink Floyd’s Wish You Were Here: “I actually have this in my will. It’s something from back in the day.”


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