TwitBits: MC Hammer, Lady Gaga, Catpower, Tommy Lee And More -
Lady Gaga. image by Tim Cashmere

Lady Gaga. image by Tim Cashmere

TwitBits: MC Hammer, Lady Gaga, Catpower, Tommy Lee And More

by Andrew Tijs on December 16, 2011

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MC Hammer hangs with Kurt Russell, the Lady Gaga gibberish continues, Catpower yells about new tunes, Tommy Lee doesn’t understand pills, and heaps more.

Lady Gaga. Photo by Tim Cashmere

Lady Gaga. Photo by Tim Cashmere

Check out what’s going on in the musical world of Twitter today.

  • Lisa Veronica is either topless or we gotta move to where she’s living for red carpet-level hooting.
  • Here is a photo of MC Hammer hanging out with Kurt Russell. Merry Christmas.
  • Dez Fafara of DevilDriver is massively pumped to be recording with Cancer Bats and we would be too.
  • Chan Marshall, aka Catpower, has set up a charity download on her site for Christmas Eve and she’s yelling about it.
  • Lady Gaga is obviously mental but her outbursts are lovely word pictures.
  • Hilltop Hoods and most everyone else on Twitter are giving it up for intellectual giant Christopher Hitchens.
  • We might be helping Janet Jackson shill Nutrisystem, but Twitter product placement is a little untoward, no?
  • Beck remixed Feist and she demands you play it, like, really loud, doods.
  • Pitbull asking how you would change someone’s life with a sweet thousand, which we’re sure could somehow be twisted into him giving you a grand.
  • Party animal Tommy Lee, you should’ve learnt by now that more pills aren’t going to help.



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