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Normie Rowe, Photo by Ros O'Gorman, noise11

Normie Rowe To Launch Album In Melbourne Where He Recorded First Song

by Paul Cashmere

Normie Rowe will mark his 50th anniversary this weekend performing in a venue that 50 years ago was the same room where he recorded his first single.

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Michael Buble Christmas

Technology Writers Take Note The CD Is Far From Dead

by Paul Cashmere

Despite the ‘death of the CD’ stories that technology writers love to constantly regurgitate, the truth is that in Australia they are completely wrong.

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JB Hi-Fi Now

JB Hi-Fi Now Launches in Beta Mode

by Tim Cashmere

JB Hi-Fi have launched their unique method of selling music, at least in beta form, to customers willing to take the plunge into the world of cloud computing.

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