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Former Thousand Needles In Red Guitarist Trizo Creates Guitar App

by Paul Cashmere

Tristan ‘Trizo’ Bouillaut, one time guitarist for Thousand Needles In Red, has developed the guitar tutorial app ‘Guitar Get Up’.

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Tristan Trizo Bouillaut of Dead In A Second, Noise11, Photo

Dead In A Second Sign With Sydney’s Possum Records

by Paul Cashmere

Dead In A Second, the new band from former Thousand Needles In Red guitarist Tristan ‘Trizo’ Bouillaut, have signed with Sydney-based Possum Records, run by industry stalwart Philip Israel.

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Sydney’s Dead In A Second and Melbourne’s Jericco have teamed for dates under the banner Swarm Fest.

February 18, 2014
Dead In A Second Girls In Town, Noise11, Photo
Dead In A Second Release Chrissy Amphlett Tribute

Sydney band Dead In A Second have recorded a male vocal version of Chrissy Amphlett’s Divinyls classic ‘Boys In Town’ as a charity single.

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